Fine Art.. Schools and politics

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People began to practice art 30 thousand years ago as a form of self-expression, They have practiced the physical arts since ancient times, in which they use non-living objects such as painting, sculpture, decoration, pottery, weaving, cooking, They also knew the intangible arts they performed with physical behaviors such as music, dance, acting, narration, drawing of animal shapes and abstract abstract signs over the cave walls.

Fine art is defined as any art whose origins are taken from reality or nature and re-formed in a new and different form, According to the vision of the artist who takes his ideas and vocabulary that he would like to remake from the ocean he lives, In accordance with its own approach.

Art Schools

Realistic School: Which is the transfer of the reality that exists naturally in the form of art (replica), Almost as a photograph, Where the artist picks it up and records it with its finest details and dimensions, However, because the artist did not evade his feelings and feelings, He often entered something of his emotions in his work, And found (symbolic realism, And expressive realism).
Impressionism School: These paintings were characterized by highlighting the natural elements more like light and shadow because the artist left his closed studio to paint in nature, which reflected the elements of his feelings in the process of drawing.
New Impressionist School or Post Impressionism: It is a combination of Impressionism and Realism, In a modern style, The artists of this school were characterized by their dissatisfaction with the old impressionist method, Where they looked for authenticity and depth, So they remained in nature, But their colors were intense, Their work is consistent, Their work came on canvas for the first time.
The Avatar School: Which began by drawing on the coding in the drawing, Abandonment of the replica of nature, The coding was clear through drawing modes as well as colors.
School Expressionism: It emerged with the beginning of the twentieth century, Where it relied on the idea of ​​non-compliance of the transfer of images honestly, But depends on the artist’s impression of this scene more than filmed accurately.
Al-Dadaeya School: The aim of this school was to describe everything that is neglected in life, Thus maximizing and explaining them as if they are very important, As a trash can, Or contaminated docks, The purpose of this drawing method was to show the importance.
Syrian School: Where this school adopted the embodiment of dreams and ideas, It was painted by restoring what is in memory, Not by transport.
The abstract school: Depends on the abstraction of nature of the facts they are, And re-broadcast in a different way from the reality, but to see the artist who is subject to his imagination and his own special speed and movement.

The Moroccan critic Ibrahim Haysen believes that there are many graphic and sculptural works that embodied the position of art from politics, Among them, for example, the work done by Michael Angelo entitled “David” وذلك بطلب من مدينة فلورنسا لغرض سياسي صرف هو الاحتفال بطرد حكام ميديشي   الطغاة، As well as the painting “Death Marat” by the artist Jacques Louis David, which embodies the assassination of the revolutionary left during the French Revolution by one of the enemies of the revolution.

The Spanish painter Francisco Goya drew scenes of “executions” that took place in the civil war in Spain, He completed a work called “May 3, 1808” in which the Spanish peasant rebels were executed by the Spanish army of Napoleon.

Haysen speaks of the painting “Freedom leads the people” by the Romantic painter Eugène Dolacro, who represents the French Revolution of 1830, And was inspired by the participation of the artist in this revolution on the shoulders of the demonstrators and his age was not then more than thirty-two Hula.


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