About Us

by sufaraaadmin

About us
Sufara Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Istanbul. It is concerned
with professional development across the entire Arab world through the
implementation of high quality committed projects.
Empowering professionals to seek and achieve innovation and accordingly to be
able to take the lead and compete in their fields.
Sufara is an Arab foundation seeking professional development and empowerment
for Arab professionals through offering qualifying programs that help integrate
professionals into various career markets.
1. Improving Arab professionals’ entrepreneurship skills.
2. Networking and exchanging knowledge in innovative professional fields.
3. Promoting the Arabic professional action and constructing platforms for
small projects.
4. Equipping professionals with databases and recent studies.
5. Boosting proficiency levels of Arab experts and enhancing work quality.
1. Technical and leadership training programs offered to Arab professionals of
various areas of expertise.
2. Exchange programs concerned with swapping experiences among related
institutions of the same sector.

3. Sponsoring individual and collective entrepreneurship projects to provide
professional sectors with innovative and pioneer ideas.
4. Technological and technical projects to boost the performance efficiency of
professional works.
5. Trade union projects aiming at supporting workers of variant sectors and
serving their professional needs.
6. Institutional and trade union networking projects between Arab professional
organizations and syndicates on one hand and its Turkish and international
counterparts on the other.

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