Arab tourism… Potential but!!

by sufaraaadmin

The tourism sector is one of the most important labour markets around the world, It is a major source of national income in many countries.
According to data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), this sector has directly supported around 108 million jobs worldwide until 2016, It provided indirect operational support to approximately 277 million people.

The tourism sector occupies 12 of the total jobs in the Arab States, The Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Tourism Organization, Dr. Hossam Darwish, predicted that its investments in this vital sector would reach 323 billion dollars by the end of 2020.

According to the World Tourism Organization, In 2015, the number of tourists travelling beyond their borders reached 1 billion and 148 million, Among them, 609 million tourists went to Europe, While the Arab region is appended to the list of tourist areas, Only 54 million tourists visited by less than 3 per cent of the world’s tourism volume.
Despite the limited contribution of Arabs to world tourism, their spending abroad is up to 40 billion dollars a year, Arab tourists make up 20 excellent hotel guests in Britain.

According to a report aired by Al-Jazeera Qatar Channel, The World Tourism Organization classifies the Gulf citizen as the most spent in the world, Where the equivalent of 1200 dollars is spent per night, While Europe spends only 880 dollars.
The volume of losses that the Arab tourism sector has suffered in recent years is estimated at about $42 billion.

Dubai in the UAE is the first tourist attraction among Arab cities according to a survey conducted by MasterCard in 2016. Which gave the UAE the fourth place in a list of 138 cities visited by tourists that year, With 15.27 million visitors to Dubai after Bangkok, London and Paris, Respectively.
Despite the richness of the Arab world in the monuments and landscapes and the stretch of the shshana over thousands of kilometers in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, And moderation of climate in many of his countries, However, none of the countries are still unable to find their place among the top 10 most attractive countries for tourists in the world.
At the level of Muslim countries, Turkey ranks sixth among the world’s top 10 destinations, The tenth is resolved by Malaysia.

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